Lack of human resources graduates from middle school or college

According to the Center for Human Resource Demand Forecasting and Labor Market Information of Ho Chi Minh City (FALMI), in the first six months of 2023, businesses in the city will need to recruit about 36,000 workers with college degrees, nearly 38,000 workers with intermediate levels, and nearly 29,000 workers with elementary levels. However, in the first six months of the year, only nearly 7,000 workers with college degrees, nearly 1,400 workers with intermediate degrees, and 258 workers with elementary degrees registered to look for jobs.

The above data shows that the labor supply is too low compared to the recruitment needs of businesses. Meanwhile, more than 64,000 workers with a university degree or higher are looking for jobs, accounting for more than 84% of the total number of workers registered to look for jobs. just over 30,000.
Human resource forecasting experts and employers warn that the source of labor recruiting with college and university degrees is and will be seriously lacking in the next few years. Currently, to ensure production activities, some businesses “fight fires” by recruiting workers from other occupations and then spending large sums of money to retrain them.

However, this temporary solution can only be applied to some positions in the business.
Faced with the current shortage of workers with college-level qualifications as well as the increasing unemployment rate at the university level, experts recommend studying college-level education to save time and money and enter the labor market early.

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