HVCT organise Startup Kite 2023 competition

On September 21, College of Technology II (HVCT) organized the “Kick off Startup Kite 2023”, preparing for the 2023 Startup Kite competition organized by the General Department of Vocational Education (Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs).
In particular, the opening ceremony was honored to welcome the millionaire, speaker from Singapore, Mr. Ken Bay and accompanying units and businesses.
Speaking here, MSc Tran Thi Thuy Hang – Head of HVCT Training Department said, Startup Kite 2023 with the goal of arousing the entrepreneurial spirit in students; Stimulate creative thinking and inspire business. Responding to the competition, HVCT organized the school-level Startup Kite 2023 competition to create a useful playground for students, perfecting the application of knowledge and skills in life. At the same time, seek and honor excellent project authors attending Startup Kite 2023.
Talking to HVCT students, international speaker Ken Bay emphasized that starting a business is not easy, however, if you have clear will, clear goals, and know how to accept failure, you will succeed.
Here, speakers Ken Bay shared with students the skills of positioning themselves, building ideas, establishing relationships… for starting a business. “Startup Kite is not only a playground where you can assert your abilities in front of businesses, get their attention, thereby increasing your work opportunities and high income,” millionaire Ken Bay affirmed.
From practical experience, expert Ken Bay advises students to take advantage of every opportunity to experience and develop themselves.
Participating in Startup Kite 2023, HVCT has projects and ideas from faculties and subjects such as garment and fashion design, tourism-restaurant-hotel, power electronics, automobile technology, refrigeration, etc., such as:
Phoenix, Aguja fashion product business, fashion product business, Ecotourism-Ben Tre, Phuc Vien Vegetarian Restaurant, Applying the blowing heat of the air conditioning system to heat water and dry clothes
It is expected that on September 30, during HVCT Startup Day 2023, groups will present project ideas and display products participating in the Startup Kite 2023 competition.

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