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After 45 years of implementing the mission of training and providing high-quality vocational education services, College of Technology II (HVCT) has created millions of qualified, skilled, and disciplined workers. labor, meeting the needs of socio-economic development, and contributing to the overall development of Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces and cities. Not stopping there, HVCT is gradually striving to become a key national vocational education institution with leading prestige; it plays a pioneering role in the vocational education system, gradually approaching regional and international training levels.

Surely those who care and love the vocational training environment will not forget Nguyen Thai Phuong, the guy who brought home the only excellent vocational skills certificate for the water technology profession at the 45th World Skills Competition at Kazan Arena (Russia).

Toàn cảnh trường Cao đẳng Kỹ nghệ II. Ảnh: Tuổi trẻ


College of Technology II overview. Photo: Tuoi Tre News

Nguyen Thai Phuong said that the reason she chose to study a major related to engineering and the environment is because this is a relatively new field of study in Vietnam, and the more she studied, the more interested and passionate Nguyen Thai Phuong became. It is that passion that brought me to the world skills exam—a valuable opportunity to learn and have many new experiences in life. It is known that since the third year, Nguyen Thai Phuong has been hired by an enterprise specializing in wastewater treatment works. After graduating, Nguyen Thai Phuong worked here for a while and then decided to return to where he studied, becoming a lecturer at the Department of Labor and Environment Protection, College of Technology II, with the desire to: There are many people interested in the water technology industry, and more and more students are looking to vocational schools.

Among the millions of students who grew up at Industrial College II, it is impossible not to mention Nguyen Hoang Ho, a shining example of the will to overcome difficulties, establish themselves, and make a career in their chosen profession.

Born into the poorest family in Cai Lay, Tien Giang, Nguyen Hoang Ho understands that without knowledge, it will be impossible to escape poverty. But what to study and where to study are also problems that must be considered. And circumstances, or rather “fate,” brought Nguyen Hoang Ho to Industrial College II because here he will receive some tuition support, learn the profession he likes, and have a short re-study period. …

In 2008, Nguyen Hoang Ho graduated as valedictorian, Faculty of Refrigeration, Course 22—College of Technology II. After graduating, Nguyen Hoang Ho received many invitations and joined domestic corporations and air conditioning and refrigeration companies. This is also an extremely valuable time for him to accumulate working and management skills from his colleagues and leaders, which will later become important tools in his entrepreneurial path. “I see a difference in leaders. The biggest difference is that when they become good bosses, they will create many job opportunities for many people and bring many values to society. Therefore, in 2011, after a lot of hesitation and thinking, I decided to establish Nguyen Hoang Joint Stock Company for only one reason: having the opportunity to help many people!

Up to now, after more than 11 years of operation, Nguyen Hoang Joint Stock Company has risen to become one of the top contractors in the southern provinces in the field of mechanical and electrical refrigeration (HVAC). Student Nguyen Hoang Ho became a successful businessman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nguyen Hoang Joint Stock Company. Having the great will of a boss, Nguyen Hoang Ho still retains the sincerity of a river person, always opening his arms to welcome students and vocational school students to work. Currently, the company has nearly 40 employees. Of these, 70% of workers graduated from vocational schools. The lowest salary also reaches 8 million VND per person per month; the highest person reaches nearly 28 million VND.

Share more about Nguyen Hoang Ho, Associate Professor, PhD, Bui Van Hung, Principal of College of Technology II, said that Mr. Ho is currently Chairman of the School’s Alumni Association; always pay attention, coordinate training, support the school, and provide scholarships to motivate and encourage pupils and students in difficult circumstances to excel in their studies. In particular, in his free time, Nguyen Hoang Ho also provides training for workers at the company. At least 20 people have gotten jobs and become production facility owners since graduating from Nguyen Hoang Ho’s class! “We are proud of him!” Associate Professor, PhD, Bui Van Hung, said

It will be a regional training center.

Employment and income are the clearest and most practical scales to measure the quality of training at the College of Technology II. Therefore, over the past 45 years, generations of school leaders have always paid attention to innovating teaching and learning methods, research and technology transfer, and efforts to connect with businesses and provide targeted training to meet the human resource needs of the country’s economic engine and neighboring provinces and cities.

Cao đẳng Kỹ nghệ II – sân chơi chuyên nghiệp của kỹ năng nghề. Ảnh: Đức Kiên.


Students are practicing on the HVCT campus. Photo: Duc Kien

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Van Hung, HVCT currently has nearly 130 staff and lecturers, including 1 associate professor, 3 doctors, and 58 masters. In order for the output quality to meet vocational standards according to regulations, as well as meet the needs of society, in recent times we have always paid attention to investing in improving training quality, and at the same time investing in facilities and equipment. Complete and modern teaching equipment. In addition, the school also pays attention to environmental protection, developing more trees to create fresh air, helping officials, teachers, and students relax after stressful working and studying hours.


In recent years, HVCT has always been evaluated as one of the high quality vocational training units in Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country. Workers trained from the School, upon graduation, have good skills and proficient skills to meet the needs of high-quality human resources for businesses. The school’s annual enrollment results are stable; As for primary education, regular training exceeds the annual target of 52%. In the 2022 – 2023 school year, the school’s enrollment target is 8,115 students. Of which, there are 1,646 college and intermediate degrees (reaching 102%); primary, regular: 6,469 (reaching 129.4%).


Every year, the college graduation rate reaches 96.3%; intermediate level reached 81.6%; Primary reached 100%. The employment rate of students after graduation is 92% employed, 7% self-employed.


From the 2021 – 2022 school year, College of Technology II has strongly transitioned to an online training model and is applying technology for digital transformation in system administration and learning content management. Along with that, the School has built a roadmap to implement the School’s development strategy for the period 2020 – 2030, with a vision to 2040; which builds each small strategy for each field, each industry and occupation in each year and each specific period.


To date, HVCT is cooperating comprehensively in training with 47 units and businesses with 24 occupations being trained. In HVCT’s strategic cooperation, there are many areas where training programs are adjusted, students are accepted and interns are accepted according to job positions suitable to the labor recruitment needs of businesses. Specifically, the college transferred 40% of the modules and subjects of the training program to businesses; Businesses send experienced experts and engineers to teach at the school. In particular, the college has coordinated with the Australia and Vietnam Human Resource Development Program (Aus4Skills) to train Logistics careers linked to the human resource needs of businesses. Participating in the training program at the school, students and graduates will be confident with their knowledge, solid skills and professional working skills to confidently enter the working environment. practical work in businesses.


Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Van Hung said that with the spirit of innovation, creativity, autonomy, integration, and updating new technology according to the trend of the 4.0 industrial revolution, College of Technology II will continue to focus on Implement digital transformation to improve digital capacity among staff, teachers and students towards a dynamic and effective learning and working environment. Aiming to become a key national vocational education institution.


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