More than 760 students and HVCT students received diplomas

(LĐXH) – On November 11, 2023, the College of Technology II (HVCT) solemnly held a graduation ceremony for 763 students at the college and intermediate level (407 colleges and 356 intermediate students).



Associate Professor. Dr. Bui Van Hung, Principal of HVCT School awarded diplomas to students

Chairman of the College of Technology II, Associate Professor Dr. Bui Van Hung, Principal of the School, congratulated 763 new practicing engineers and practicing bachelors.

Associate Professor Dr. Bui Van Hung said that after more than 2 years of studying, from the first day he transferred from high school to study at Technical College II, they learned in a new environment. The students receiving diplomas today have constantly tried their best to study and improve their subject knowledge and work skills. Receiving a practical engineering degree or a practical bachelor’s degree today is an achievement and a very valuable value for students who enter life with new successes.

763 HVCT students, college and intermediate school students received diplomas

No matter where they are, whatever their working or studying environment, these children always need to determine their own value and affirm their position. However, in the new environment there will be new difficulties, so Associate Professor. Dr. Bui Van Hung hopes that with the knowledge he has learned from the School, the new engineers and bachelors who receive their professional degrees today will always be brave and affirm their abilities when working at the unit. organizations, businesses or continue studying at a higher level.

“You need to promote three important factors to achieve success. Firstly, in terms of capacity, students need to continue studying to be effective in developing and implementing work at an organization, unit or enterprise. Second, you must be really brave. Third, be loyal. When you work in any organization or business, you need to be loyal. With those three factors, when you enter life, you can be successful,” said the Principal of HVCT.

New practicing engineers and practicing bachelors took commemorative photos with Principal HVCT Associate Professor. Dr. Bui Van Hung

With 45 years of establishment and development, HVCT School has affirmed that it has won a world position in the field of vocational education. Students at HVCT graduate and have jobs after 6 months, always achieving more than 90%. Thereby, creating trust from parents, students, units, and businesses in recruiting and training highly skilled human resources to meet the domestic and foreign labor markets.

Resource: Labor magazine

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